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Learning Model

As experts in organizational development and project management we accompany you along essential change processes – this also applies to the internal qualification processes. As pragmatic and agile as necessary, as personalized as possible but always focusing on increasing the performance of your employees….Learn more about our Balanced Learning Model.

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Avoid Redundant Cost and Save Time Training Employees

Training requirements are derived from the internal strategy of a company as well as the needs arising from daily business. Instead of addressing these independently, bring both sets of requirements together to avoid reduntant costs, save time, and train your employees on practical application of skills.

Training Requirements
[bu:st] BLM - Schulungen
Innovative Methods
[bu:st] BLM – Methoden

Improve the Quality of Internal Trainings

Letting internal employees hold trainings has a lot of advantages from a technical point of view. But often there is a lack of innovative practices to impart knowledge and to ensure results in the long run. We show you how to improve your internal trainings through target-oriented methods to achieve the outcomes you need without needing your employees to be certified trainers…

Increase Performance through Learning Process Support

Knowledge gathered in trainings leads to short-term learning success. However, independently applying this knowledge to increase their own performance often fails. The transition of training content to skill needs to become part of the ideal learning process. Qualification mentors and executive managers become learning process companions as part of the life-long learning process to support the transition of knowledge to skill.

Learning Process Support
[bu:st] BLM – Lernprozess
[bu:st] BLM – Messbarkeit

Make the Success of Trainings Measurable

An extensive training landscape does not guarentee sustainable human resource development. Only measurable proof of efficiacy helps to identify gaps, bridge them in a target- or group- oriented way, and increase the relevance for daily work life.

Meet Our Experts

An attractive employee development program is not only key to corporate success but significantly contributes to employee retention. The Balanced Learning Model perfectly matches all determining factors with one other for an ideal performance of your employees. Don‘t hesitate to contact us…

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